The Argan Oil You May Use Helps Women Half a World Away From You

The argan oil, which is said to have restorative and anti-ageing properties, has become one of the latest miracle ingredients in the cosmetic products.

The extraction of argan oil from argan nuts is a long (it takes a few days to produce one liter), labor-intensive and is thus expensive task. On the back of this, it is very important socially to rural women of Morocco (as this is the only place in the world it grows).

In Earlier Times, Berber women in Morocco were running small family businesses of two or three people would collect the argan fruit nuts and extract its oil. Their husbands or brothers would then sell the oil in local markets or exchange it for sugar and other goods (as barter system). In recent years, however, women’s co-operatives have been created to meet the surge in demand. Nowadays, argan oil is produced almost exclusively by women’s cooperatives which provide a livelihood to otherwise  vulnerable Berber community native to the region.

The consumption of Argan oil by cosmetic companies provides many destitute women with jobs, income, safe working conditions, as well as a social experience and improved status. Most importantly, Argan oil sales provide women in the cooperatives the opportunity to join the Moroccan work force.

It’s good to know that a beauty product millions of people like and using is helping women half a world away from us. It is more generous to buy a beauty product that is sourced in the frame of fair-trade to support the worthy cause of empowering the hard-working women in the Argan oil cooperatives in Morocco region.

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