Things to Keep in Mind While Using Argan Oil For Hair Treatment

If you’re thinking about an organic natural hair oil for hair problems, and you want to smooth or soften your hair, I give pure argan oil a thumbs-up.

A few tips while using argan oil for best results:

  • Argan oil is sensitive to light, so the bottle should be dark (and kept in a dark place)
  • it is also sensitive to heat. It should not be heated after or during processing, since this breaks down some of the substances responsible for its effects. You want cold-pressed.
  • Argan oil intended for cooking isn’t going to work as well for hair or skin, since the seeds are toasted before being ground up. It’ll have a much stronger smell and be heavier.
  • You only need a teeny-tiny bit. My hair falls just past my shoulders and I use about four or five drops (and rub the excess into my cuticles).
  • You can apply it before a shower (give it an hour or so) or after. If it weighs your hair down, I would apply it before so you can rinse out excess.
  • Be careful if you are trying to go ‘cone free: lots of products that advertise argan oil as a solution for frizziness include silicones as well.

Apparently this stuff has a very high proportion of fatty acids that are particularly good for hair (linoleic and linolenic fatty acids). I’m still checking out the properties of other oils but argan seems to hold up pretty well against other popular ones like shea butter and coconut oil.